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blog.nus.edu.sg | Create a blog
Academic, educational, research & administrative blogs for the NUS community

  • WordPress-powered blogs for NUS users
  • Blogs for learning, reflection, groups, news and other purposes


Blog.nus is a blog platform for academic, educational, research and administrative use in NUS. It is powered by the popular WordPress system and is hosted by Edublogs Campus.

Students and staff create a blog for:

  • personal learning/reflection
  • your department, module, tutorial class or any other group
  • departmental/faculty news blog
  • event or conference


The possibilities are endless!

Terms of Use

  1. Blogs in Blog.nus should be used for academic, educational, research or administrative use only. Please use a free blog service provider such as WordPress or Blogger for personal blogs.
  2. By creating a blog in Blog.nus, you agree to adhere to Singapore's laws and the NUS Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources.
  3. As a service provider, the Centre for Instructional Technology (and the National University of Singapore) is not liable for any legal or financial issues which may arise as a result of your use of Blog.nus.


  1. Content on Blog.nus and all blogs hosted on Blog.nus contain opinions which may not represent the official views of the National University of Singapore.
  2. The Centre for Instructional Technology and the National University of Singapore are not responsible for the content of external internet sites.