Learning Activity Management System



The Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) allows academic staff to design, manage and deliver online learning. It provides a visual authoring space for creating learning activity sequences. These sequences are online digital lessons that simulate classroom activities. The activities include a range of individual tasks, small group projects and whole class work, based on both content and collaboration.

Why use LAMS?

The key benefits of LAMS are that it:

  • provides an intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. Evaluation reports on LAMS show that teachers find LAMS easy to use and that it also helps them reflect on their teaching practice;
  • incorporates single-learner content, such as Learning Objects, and collaborative tasks such as discussion, voting and debate;
  • provides rich, real-time student monitoring and tracking facilities; and
  • has a large community of teachers, educators and technical developers that share LAMS best-practices and designs as well as foster future versions of the system.

LAMS Activities

LAMS activities are grouped into four areas: Informative, Collaborative, Reflective and Assessment, as shown below. These activities can be arranged as a learning sequence, which is effectively a self-contained lesson.

LAMS activities

Learn about LAMS by using it

The lessons below use LAMS to teach you about LAMS:




  LAMS Guide


  LAMS Service Desk
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