Learning Innovation
Fund-Technology (LIFT)

The primary goal of LIFT is to:

  • Encourage NUS faculty to re-think the way they design their curriculum and structure as well as deliver lessons and manage the changed roles of educators and students in a technological context.
  • Improve the capacity of NUS faculty to integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction. More specifically, the fund seeks to assist educators involved in developing, implementing and evaluating technology enhanced learning projects, particularly those projects with the potential for broad programmatic application and enhanced student support.
  • Expose students to new forms of teaching with an emphasis on higher order skills development and collaborative/team-based learning.

The fund will support three broad thrusts:

  • Support initiatives that enable the integration of technology effectively into curriculum and instruction.
  • Targeted programme re-design of courses, particularly for large classes.
  • Support NUS start-ups with novel educational products to demonstrate that these can enhance learning in NUS.

LIFT is open to all faculty teaching members of NUS, working either individually or in small groups which may be inter-department/faculty including partnerships with a non-academic unit, such as Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT) or Computer Centre, and involving groups of students, where feasible. For instance, both faculty member/s and a group of students may submit a team proposal to develop mobile apps and undertake a pedagogical evaluation on the use of the apps.

How To Apply