TEAMMATES: A Flexible Feedback Management System for Education

A/Prof Damith Chatura Rajapakse

What Used To Be

Peer feedback is a widely-used education tool and that is why most Learning Management Systems have support for facilitating peer feedback. The effectiveness of peer feedback vary depending on how it is conducted and there is no one ‘best’ way to do it; it depends on the context, and it might require a great deal of tweaking before achieving the best results.

Problems We Identified

However, we found that most feedback management features that come with mainstream LMS’s are limited in their flexibility to do such tweaking.

What We Did

In response, we developed an online tool called TEAMMATES that can complement feedback management features of mainstream learning management systems. The strength of TEAMMATES is its high-degree of flexibility; for example, a feedback session in TEAMMATES can have one question for students to give anonymous feedback to team members while another question for tutors to give feedback to student teams.

How This Helped

As it turns out, many fellow educators out there are looking for that kind of flexibility. Since we made TEAMMATES publicly available around 2012, it’s been used by more than 200,000 users from over 400 universities, and we look forward to serving many more instructors and students in the coming years.