Development of Technology-Enhanced Contents for ME4262-Automation
in Manufacturing Module Students with Hand-held Devices

A/Prof Lee Kim Seng

What Used to Be

Mass lecture teaching style has been around for a long time and has also been through many changes with the advancement in technology. From whiteboards, markers to OHP projector and finally to PowerPoint presentations today, students can easily print out the lecture notes beforehand and jot down notes along the way.

Problems We Identified

Undeniably, these advancements in technology has enable students to have a better learning experience as lecturers can now explain concepts with the help of animations and videos during lectures. In lectures, lecturer may not have time to show all the contents in details and the students may not be able to fully visualize certain concepts just by looking at a 2D drawing on their lecture notes, or missed out on important information during the lectures.

What We Did

An online eLearning webpage has been developed which includes lecture contents, 3D animations and videos to show how certain mechanisms works to allow students to visualize and appreciate the contents taught in lectures. Additions like video on current applications in Singapore, for students to relate their learning to current context; interactive self-assessments for students to practice, and test their understandings; and online teaching videos in segments for students to recap their learning or for students who are eager to learn beforehand. QR codes are also embedded to enable students to access on-line animations. 

How This Helped

The webpage is designed to be compatible with mobile devices, which allows students to access all the learning resources anytime, anywhere. Students no longer have to carry their heavy notes if they wish to study during their train rides. The QR code feature on their lecture notes will allow students to easily access the specific online resources such as 3D animations or videos to explain difficult concepts when they come across them while reading the hardcopy notes by simply scanning the QR code with their smart devices.