E-learning Research Module

A/Prof Yanika Kowitlawakul

What Used to Be

There are several research courses that have been offered to both undergraduate and graduate students at the Nursing Department/NUS. Due to a long process of the IRB approval, the students have to start working on their proposal, and mainly work with their supervisors to conduct a research study prior to the beginning of the semester.

Problems We Identified

Based on some observation, the students very keened to learn and work on their project, but they were struggling on writing a proposal and became apprehensive in doing research. The students tried to read the research books, but it became a boring thing to do for them. As a result, the students disengaged from the research study. The student’s supervisors also found that the students needed a lot of guidance throughout the course.

What We Did

The “e-learning research module” was developed to providing a review of basic concepts in research and to enhance motivation and research application for the students. This e-learning has been used in several research courses/modules and research workshop at CenMED as a supplementary tool.

How This Helped

The evidence showed that the e-learning research module was useful for the students to review the basic research knowledge. It also has helped to increase the students’ motivation and engage in learning research process.