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NUS on YouTube

youtube.com/nuscast | Mobile access | Request
NUS public lectures & events on YouTube

  • YouTube popular online video hosting site
  • Staff can request to upload relevant videos
  • Videos hosted on YouTube have potential for wider reach
  • Can also be shared / embedded easily on your own site
  • Comments and viewer ratings

YouTube is arguably the most popular global online video hosting site. The NUS YouTube channel hosts videos from selected public events and lectures. NUS staff can request for relevant videos to be uploaded to the NUS YouTube channel.

The YouTube advantage

Videos on YouTube can potentially reach a large global audience. The videos are indexed quickly in search engines, enabling them to be found easily. The descriptions and tags added to videos helps with this. YouTube itself links to related videos, so viewers who are looking at similar content might be alerted to the videos you have hosted on the NUS YouTube channel.

YouTube videos can also be embeded easily on websites, so you can share the latest public event or lecture on your website without much technical knowledge. This further helps to increase the video's reach.

You can also hear from your audience as videos are enabled with comment and ratings.


To upload videos to the NUS YouTube channel, please use the NUS YouTube channel request form.

For queries, please contact Mr .