PeerQuestions is a service that enables you to receive live questions and feedback during your lectures and seminars from a web browser, without interrupting the flow of your lecture or presentation.

If you enable this service, students can use their Smart Phones to ask questions, reply to questions and even vote on questions through wifi. You can then pick on the question with the highest votes to answer. For those students with no Smart Phones, SMS is supported. Besides questions and feedback, you can also create simple mcq polls and to solicit feedback on any issues. Polls will be displayed graphically.

Students can login to to send their responses via their Smart Phones.

You can create a code for each question. Students will respond by sending an SMS to 76767 in the following format: SMScode message. These SMSes will be collated at the PeerQuestions website, where you can see the results live or store them for viewing later.There is no cost involved in using this service. However, students will be charged by their respective telcos for each SMS sent at the normal local rate.



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