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Screen Recording


TechSmith Relay Support
Ink2Go Support

Screen Recording

Digital recording of computer desktop with audio narration a.k.a. Screencast

A screencast is essentially an audio-visual recording of what is happening on your computer screen. CIT offers TechSmith Relay (formerly Camtasia Relay) and Ink2Go for you to create screen recordings.


Possible Uses

Screen recording can be used to record self-supporting lectures. You can display your presentation slides (or anything else that can be shown on screen) and record your narration. You can also do short video tutorials to talk about websites or show how a particular software is used.


TechSmith Relay

Registration and Setup

  1. Please login at https://screencast.nus.edu.sg/relay/ with your NUSNET ID and password, then download the relevant TechSmith Relay recorder for your Operating System.
    • Windows: Vista, 7, 8
    • Mac: OS 10.8 and later
  2. Download the NUS Screen Recording Quickstart Guide.



If you would like to incorporate graphical annotations and/or webcam video in your Screencast, you can use Ink2Go! as an alternative to TechSmith Relay.


  1. Record all your computer desktop activity as a video file.
  2. Write or draw on top of any active application or use the Whiteboard for graphical annotations.
  3. Include your webcam video in the Screencast along with audio narration.
  4. Add an index and publish a web-ready version of the Screencast for both Windows and Mac using the Ink2Go! client.


Please download Ink2Go! here:

  1. Win version (Guide)
  2. Mac version (Guide)

To view the videos that you have uploaded, please login to https://ink2go.nus.edu.sg with your NUSNET ID and password.

Lecturers who want their students to use ink2go for their video project submission in IVLE, can refer them to the instructions from here.

User Testimonial

Assoc Prof Go Mei Lin, Department of Pharmacy
I teach a General Education Module which has a typical class size of 290 with students from varied backgrounds (Engineering, Science, Architecture, Business, Arts/Social Science) and in different years of study (1st to 4th year). One of the assignments given to the class is to prepare an audio-visual presentation on a given topic. This is an individual assignment and Ink2go is used for the recording of the presentation. Ink2go has been used for this purpose every academic year since 2011. At least a thousand students must have used it and the feedback has been largely positive. Students have found Ink2go easy to use and apply. This is significant given the differing technical competencies that would be expected from such a large cohort of students. The resulting output meets my expectations and I expect to continue with the use of Ink2go for this assignment.

Copyright Notice

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