TeamUp is a social messaging service launched by the Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT). TeamUp allows you to create your own teams with whom you can chat, exchange links and files. This can be done via web, mobile or desktop apps. Unlike other chat apps, you need not share your phone number to use it.

Getting Started


TeamUp is available on all platforms and on the web.

How It's Used


This technology could be used for course communication, discussion, collaboration, file-sharing, and work within groups.

Key Features

  • Send messages and comments across public, private and 1-1 channels
  • Personalize notifications for unreads and mentions by source
  • Share files and images internally and externally
  • Drag, drop and tap to share files
    • Easy upload – Have all your files for business (PDFs, documents and spreadsheets) and media (images, audio and video) available over phones and PCs
    • Share with anyone – It’s easy to precisely permission file sharing to colleagues and groups within your organization as well as externally
    • Tag and Search – Organize files by tags to recall them quickly and search for files by channel, sender, date and other attributes.
  • Search public and private channels for historical messages and comments
  • View recent mentions of your name, username, nickname, and custom search terms

NUS Students

  • Project discussions and communications
  • Student communities

NUS Staff (Faculty)

  • Chat for modules in LumiNUS
  • Teaching and learning purposes

For NUS staff collaboration, please use Microsoft Teams.


  NUS Staff and Students


  TeamUp Guide