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Video & Audio Conferencing



Multi-mode Conferencing
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Gather dispersed people through audio-visual telecommunication

  • Connecting geographically diverse people without travel costs
  • Point-to-point or multi-party conferences
  • Wide range of uses


Video and audio conferences enable staff in NUS to meet with anyone in the world without having to leave the campus.

CIT facilitates conferencing of all magnitudes, from simple point-to-point audio conferences to technically challenging multi-party video conferences. Our staff have conducted near-broadcast quality telemedical video conferences, and they have experienced high-pressure video conferences such as Singapore's final presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOG) for the hosting rights to the first Youth Olympic Games.

In NUS, video conferencing is used for distance learning, meetings, seminars, forums, consultations, research and industrial collaboration, staff recruitment/training and PhD oral examinations.


Multi-mode Conferencing

Conference from a boardroom, computer or mobile device. Multi-mode video conferencing allows you to conduct video conferences regardless of location or device. It enables video conferences between:

  • Boardrooms with hardware video conference devices,
  • Desktop and laptops (Windows & Mac), and
  • Tablets and smartphones (Android & iOS)


The ability to connect between these devices brings a tremendous amount of flexibility to those who want to conduct video conferences. Multi-mode video conferencing is ideal in situations where one party does not have access to a boardroom video conferencing system.

This is a self-service system. To use multi-mode conferencing:

  1. Download and install the required application
  2. Log in to the server
  3. Initiate the video conference