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Web conferencing



Web Conferencing Support

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Web Conferencing

Virtual Classrooms and eMeetings via online conferencing

  • Conferences using a computer over the internet
  • Interactive collaboration and communication features
  • Hold online classes or meetings


Web conferencing allows you to have classes or meetings online, without using specialized video conference hardware. You and your students/attendees will meet using a computer connected to the internet. Each web conferencing participant requires:

  • a computer with an internet connection (broadband preferred)
  • Firefox or Safari (Win/Mac) or Internet Explorer (Win)
  • a headset with microphone
  • a webcam (if transmitting video)


Users can engage in live two-way audio, video (optional) and text chat, share what is displayed on their computer desktops as well as display and annotate documents or a virtual whiteboard. Session leaders can take attendance and record the session for playback later.



  1. Email request to .
  2. Wait for response.
  3. Reply with requested particulars.
  4. Receive relevant user guides.
  5. Arrange for trial session(s). (For online classrooms only.)