Lecture webcasts enable students to attend lectures regardless of circumstances.

This is particularly useful for large classes. Students also review lecture webcasts to revise lessons.

Events can also be webcast. People who did not attend an event can still watch the proceedings.

Automated and fuss-free

The webcast request includes a range of choices.

You can choose the audience:

  • your module or NUS-only for lectures or,
  • NUS-only or public for events.

You can also opt for a webcast (video and audio) or a podcast (audio only).

Once CIT confirms the request, all you have to do is deliver the lecture. We will do the rest.

Features and integration

Lecture webcasts go beyond showing a video of the lecturer.

Webcasts can show presentation slides or the computer's desktop. Lecturers can demonstrate software or display live web pages.

The webcasts' index allows students to jump to specific points in the lecture.

Students can view lecture webcasts in IVLE.

For public events, you can choose to publish to NUS on YouTube for greater reach.




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