NUS’ digital learning platform is called LumiNUS.

LumiNUS supports SCORM, XAPI content standards and LTI to integrate to a variety of e-learning applications. Designed to support greater student engagement with your content, LumiNUS provides a comprehensive and holistic view of how students interact with your content. Students get immediate notification on assignments and deadlines due through a task manager.

LumiNUS is fully mobile accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.

CIT designed LumiNUS to ease and supplement teaching in the university.

LumiNUS has a full suite of tools including:

  • class rosters with student photographs
  • online syllabus
  • assignment repositories
  • guided learning with learning flow
  • discussion forums
  • chat rooms
  • quizzes
  • surveys
  • polls
  • project evaluation
  • video repository with playlists and streaming
  • web lectures
  • class/exams timetables
  • library e-reserves
  • and others


  Mobile App - Android

  Mobile App - iOS





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