What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a BYOD (bring your own device) classroom response system that allows your participants to answer your questions or ask you questions. The responses will be shown live and displayed graphically in the presentation. Poll Everywhere can work directly from the website (www.polleverywhere.com) or be integrated with PowerPoint (Mac/Win), Keynote (Mac) and Google Slides.

Your students / participants can participate in Poll Everywhere activities with the equipment that they have - mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

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Poll 01

Use various question types to identify gaps in understanding or kick off group discussions with a colourful word cloud.

Poll 02

Invite your students / participants to respond simultaneously online.

Poll 03

Responses will be shown and updated live in an animated graph or chart in your presentation.

Use Cases



  • Gauge student understanding of concepts, do just-in-time teaching to correct misperceptions.
  • Ask a question, get students to think-pair-share, ask the same question and see if results change.
  • Get students to contribute ideas or ask questions, then get them to upvote/downvote to see which ideas they like or which questions need to be addressed most. Similarly, to solicit questions during Q&A sessions.



  • Gather short answer responses from students and display them in a word cloud.
  • Ask students to respond to image-based questions. For example, identifying the correct area or location, useful in STEM subjects.



  • Conduct a short post-lesson survey to improve your teaching.
  • Collective decision-modeling or Choose Your Own Adventure type activities.



  • Embed a poll on a web page to view responses over time.
  • Use timed polls for fun quick-fire quizzes.

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