Web Lectures

Web Lectures


Web lectures are video recordings of traditional lectures that are conducted across NUS lecture theatres. They are particularly useful for large classes and are used to reinforce revision and study.

CIT supports both video recording for web lectures or an audio-only recording (podcast). The Web lecture service is integrated with NUS’ LumiNUS and students can watch the web lecture when they access their modules on LumiNUS. With automation, CIT is able to record lectures from all its lecture theatres.

Besides Web Lectures, conferences, seminars and events are also recorded and webcast over the Internet and Intranet.

Web Lecture Portal

A web lecture portal has now been made available to all staff and students. Users can now access all the modules’ web lectures through this portal. This web lecture portal provides the following features:

  • Allows students to quickly find a specific word mentioned in the lectures and jump to the exact point of the lecture. You can search for any word that appears on the screen or any spoken word.
  • Students can take digital notes while viewing the lectures and search for the notes when they need them to review.
  • Provides better viewing analytics on which students watch each lecture and how long students watched the lectures. You can monitor and identify the parts of the web lectures where the students are spending most times.


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